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Alex Van Fleet, LMFT

Let’s be honest, relationships are hard work! Therapy takes intentional effort, vulnerability and persistence to bring about meaningful change in our lives. Before that change can occur, we must first learn what is going on. I want to help you identify the negative patterns in your life and provide tools to replace them with new life-giving actions and transforming truths to bring about healing and restoration in your relationships.

I am passionate about working with couples (dating, pre-marital, married) and families (parenting issues). I believe that people can change and I want to instill that hope in every client I work with. Therapy is a sacred space and I would be honored to be on your team.

I provide a safe, non-judgmental space for you to share, heal, forgive and discover new truths that get to the root of issues and bring about permanent transformation. I’d like to come alongside you on your journey to healing and restoration. Call me. I can help.

(626) 765-1214
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