Our relationships are the greatest treasures we have in life. When we feel disconnected  in our relationship with ourselves and others, we are more prone to experiencing  isolation, disfunction and pain. While our pain can be a great teacher, feeling stuck and  alone on the journey of life can feel hopeless at times. My goal is to walk with you  through the healing process and support you in restoring life in your relationship with  yourself and others.

With a holistic approach to therapy, addressing the needs of the body, mind and soul  are vital for restoring connection as we walk together through the healing process. The  more we can learn to love and accept ourselves, the more we can love those around us.

I enjoy working with children and adolescents, adults, couples and those struggling with  anxiety and depression.

With training in EMDR therapy, I can help individuals feeling stuck reliving traumatic  moments from the past and move forward toward a place of emotional regulation. I am  also trained in Restoration Therapy which aims at restoring love and trust, breaking the  cycle of pain we often experience in our relationships. Previously, I worked as a child  therapist at a clinic. I also have a background working as a musician and in pastoral  ministry.

My hope is to help you find peace, authenticity and restoration during this season of  your life. Come as you are and we can walk together through the healing process.



Nathan Ely, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #127630

Nathan Ely’s direct phone number: (626) 775-7732

Nathan Ely’s email: Nathan@RelationshipsForBetter.com