Neurofeedback: The Depression, ADHD and Anxiety Therapy Treatment of the Future

Relationships For Better is proud to be on the cutting edge of anxiety, trauma, and ADHD therapy with our neurofeedback services! 

To set up your first neurofeedback treatment appointment for Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, or ADHD-type symptoms (inattention, difficulty focusing, impulsivity, hyperactivity), go here and indicate your interest in neurofeedback treatment. 

Though doctors have used EEG brain wave monitors to assess neurological (brain) activity, new technology has now allowed clinicians to access EEG monitoring from the comfort of therapy offices, with the right tools and training. Using our neurofeedback headset and electrodes, our therapy team provides live feedback to clients on their brain wave activity. Using a program called Myndlift, our team then uses classical conditioning to modify brain wave responses to stress, inattention, and impulsivity.

Neurofeedback is an approach to treatment of Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, and ADHD that doesn’t require medication. Neurofeedback is most effective when used within the context of therapy.

Children and Teens who can also use neurofeedback treatment as an alternative to medication for symptoms of depression, anxiety, inattention, difficulty focusing, hyperactivity, or impulsivity.


Here is a summary of neurofeedback treatment from

Neurofeedback services at Relationships For Better

Neurofeedback for Anxiety, Trauma, and ADHD

Neurofeedback Treatment for Anxiety, ADHD, and Trauma

Go here and indicate your interest in neurofeedback treatment for yourself or a loved one. Our services are available to children, teens, and adults for the treatment of depression, anxiety, or ADHD (symptoms of inattention, difficulty focusing, and/or hyperactivity).

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