Alicia Driesenga MFT

Alicia Driesenga, AMFT is an approachable and compassionate therapist who has experience in multiple professional settings, working with people of all ages. In addition to Alicia Driesenga’s Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy, Alicia has additional training in Restoration Therapy, Internal Family Systems, and Attachment Therapy. Each of these therapy techniques helps people learn how to regulate or soothe their emotions, helping them thrive in their personal lives and relationships.

If you are an individual, couple or parent seeking support in mental health and relationships, reach out to Alicia Driesenga, AMFT for a free 15 minute phone consultation or email her at the address below.


Hi there!

I am excited to hear your story and walk alongside you. In therapy, we will work to understand the feelings, behavior, and relationship patterns that exist in your life. I’ll guide you in how to address the areas of your life that no longer work well for you.

Therapy sessions with me are relational and practical. As a relational therapist, I work to actively listen and accurately understand the emotions and underlying needs that drive each person’s choices and behaviors. As a practical therapist (and former teacher), I enjoy providing functional tools for how to effectively cope and thrive.

The clients I meet with are:

  • Teens and Families
  • Couples
  • Individual Adults

Some of the treatment areas I address in therapy are:

  • Relationship issues and support
  • Anxiety / Depression
  • Infidelity / Trauma
  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
I am currently meeting with clients remotely on Zoom.
Please feel welcome to get in touch!
Let’s talk about how therapy can help your mental health and closest relationships.
-Alicia Driesenga, AMFT

Alicia Driesenga, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Supervised by Megan Lundgren, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #50015

(269) 568-8576

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