Amanda Min, AMFT is a skilled and respected Associate Therapist who specializes in helping individuals and couples learn adaptive tools to cope with life stressors and work towards thriving. In addition to Amanda Min’s Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and certifications in Restoration Therapy and Gottman Couples Therapy, Amanda has decades of previous experience working in local communities in social work and ministry. If you are an individual, couple or family seeking support in your mental health and relationships, reach out to Amanda Min, AMFT for a free 15 minute phone consultation or email her at the address below.


A warm hello to you!

I’m glad you’re exploring the possibility of engaging in therapy at Relationships For Better. It is remarkable what can come from intentionally, regularly setting aside time to invest in healing and/or growth.

Perhaps a transition has come upon you – wanted or unwanted – and you are looking both to process what has been stirred up and also to find your new equilibrium. Or perhaps you have been feeling somewhat stuck and desire to initiate a transition of sorts, to make some changes unto greater peace and thriving in your life and relationships.

Whatever has prompted you to visit our website, I would be honored to connect with you: to hear what is on your heart and mind and then together chart a path forward.

Individuals, couples, family members, people of any background…. all are welcome.

With hope,

– Amanda


Amanda Min, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #129438

Supervised by Megan Lundgren, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #50015

(626) 696-7683

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