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Dr. Joshua Smith has years of experience leading countless people to develop their potential and thrive. With his help, you’ll define your personal and professional goals and assess your unique strengths and challenges. Through coaching, you’ll gain self-awareness about your potential to thrive in your personal and professional relationships – and the concrete steps to make it happen.

Are you ready to get un-stuck from stagnation or an unhelpful behavior patterns? Coaching with Dr. Joshua Smith allows individuals, couples and executive leaders gain clarity about their temporary barriers to success. Through a strategic coaching process, Dr. Joshua Smith provides practical steps and accountability to help clients reach their goals.

It’s important that you feel both comfortable and challenged in the coaching relationship. Utilizing non-judgmental listening and reflective feedback, Dr. Joshua Smith facilitates a compassionate atmosphere where clients can discern necessary changes in their personal and professional roles and relationships. Dr. Joshua Smith specializes in working with adult men, executive leaders, and couples. This transformative coaching relationship empowers clients to build self-confidence, establish a healthy process for growth, and create meaning in their lives and work.

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Dr. Joshua Smith’s extensive leadership positions include his respected role as professor of leadership and vocation for emerging leaders at the college and graduate school levels, decades as a lead pastor of a thriving church community, and esteemed service as president and board member of multiple non-profit organizations. Joshua Smith’s doctorate degree (DMin) focused on the field of Leadership. In 2012, Dr. Joshua Smith was awarded Citizen of the Year by the city of Monrovia, CA. Perhaps Dr. Joshua Smith’s most significant leadership opportunity has been in the role of husband for 24 years (and counting) and father to three young adult sons.

Dr. Joshua Smith, Life and Executive Leadership Coach

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